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Welcome to crudemonitor.ca

The website has been updated to improve ease of use and to better represent the available data for each given crude stream. All available data and reports for each crude have been represented on a crude data page, thus allowing for easy, one-stop access to the relevant information. The main sections have been listed below, along with brief descriptions of the available content and materials.

Data Reports

The data report pages provide a summarized view of the current and historical data for a single crude stream. Also included on these pages are distillation results (both simulated and physical), trend charts for key characteristics, and a customizable export to excel function.

To access the data reports, click on the crudemonitor.ca home button and select crude using scroll-down links on the left-hand column.

Monthly Reports

The monthly report pages detail the summary comments for a single crude stream. Comments are arranged by sampling month, and are labeled according to sample date and batch number. Links for the individual sample data have been provided for each comment.

To access the monthly reports, click on the monthly reports link at the top of the home page and select crude using scroll-down links on the left-hand column. The monthly reports page can also be accessed through a link on each crude data page.


Various tools related to crude blending and crude comparisons have been provided for public use.


All reports for samples taken prior to January 1, 2010 are included on the Library page. Standardized one-page batch reports are available for individual samples, and full monthly reports with summary comments are available as well.

Industry Resources

The industry resources page includes links to various related industry organizations, both from Canada and the United States.