What is Mixed Sweet Blend crude?

Mixed Sweet Blend (MSW) is the benchmark conventionally produced light sweet crude for western Canada. It is often referenced on crude price reports as Edmonton Par Crude. It is a fully blended aggregate of many feeder streams and only begins its existence in blend tanks in Edmonton, Alberta.

Vapour Pressure Measurements

Traditionally, Reid Vapour Pressure (RVP, as measured using ASTM D323A) has been the standard for hydrocarbon volatility. Recent investigations have indicated that RVP may be understated relative to True Vapour Pressure (TVP, as measured by ASTM D6377). Mixed Sweet Blend samples are now being collected specifically for the purpose of D6377 True Vapour Pressure testing. The collection of reports is available here.

Enbridge Pooled Crude Quality Specification

Pooled crudes at Superior are subject to quality specifications set by Enbridge. Test methods employed, typical results, testing frequency, and mitigation/penalty details can be found from the most recent document available here. Contact Enbridge Pipelines directly for additional information regarding pooled crude quality requirements.

Light Ends Summary

Property (vol%)Most Recent Sample6 Month Average1 Year Average5 Year Average
C3- 0.50 0.51 0.45 0.50
Butanes 4.72 4.79 4.62 4.37
Pentanes 3.93 4.22 4.18 3.88
Hexanes 5.82 6.27 6.07 6.04
Heptanes 6.55 6.99 7.44 7.68
Octanes 5.88 5.54 5.55 6.70
Nonanes 2.48 3.69 3.82 4.78
Decanes - - - 2.51


Property (vol%)Most Recent Sample6 Month Average1 Year Average5 Year Average
Benzene 0.20 0.23 0.24 0.26
Toluene 0.70 0.81 0.85 0.85
Ethyl Benzene 0.16 0.18 0.18 0.22
Xylenes 0.98 1.11 1.14 1.11


TBP ASTM D2892 & D5236

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Most Recent Sample Comments:
MSW-634, Feb 8, 2018

Last 6 Samples

Heptanes and BTEX were marginally decreased in the February sample of Mixed Sweet Blend. Merged simulated distillation results showed less naphtha and more residue compared to normal.

Basic Analysis

PropertyMost Recent Sample6 Month Average1 Year Average5 Year Average
Density (kg/m3) 821.2 816.1 818.1 821.0
Gravity (oAPI) 40.7 41.8 41.3 40.7
Sulphur (wt%) 0.40 0.42 0.43 0.41
MCR (wt%) 1.70 1.87 1.90 1.78
Sediment (ppmw) - - - 218
TAN (mgKOH/g) - - - 0.17
Salt (ptb) - - - 20.6
Nickel (mg/L) 4.1 3.9 4.1 4.5
Vanadium (mg/L) 8.5 8.0 8.4 9.0
Olefins (wt%) - ND ND ND

*ND indicates a tested value below the instrument threshold.
1 Reference temperatures can be found here

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